Judged and Misunderstood

When bad things happen to young people, it’s often hard for them to shake that memory. Being judged and misunderstood was the cross I needed to bear from a very young age, even until today. I was certain I had reprogrammed those old tapes or that my calloused skin would shed judgmental comments or thoughts. But…Read more »

A Book that Keeps Giving

Those pink birds just keep coming. There seems to be no end….. My books keep selling, five months into Covid-19. I delivered most by hand in the first weeks, many by mail. Village Books and internet sales are continuing. But during one home delivery, Nancy S. gave me a head ornament of two pink-felted birds.…Read more »

Unfettered Love – Part II

What is it about Africa that causes its visitors or temporary residents to fall so deeply in love with this continent? I hear it over and over again. The words of love echo from the first Peace Corps volunteers who landed in Liberia in 1962 to the newly returned volunteers in 2020 (post-civil war, post…Read more »

Unfettered Love – Part I

On August 3rd 2020, one of Sami’s sons, Osama, contacted me by Facebook. In a short time we agreed to make a video call. (On previous video chats I had already met Samer and Susan (my namesake), two of Sami’s five children). Leen, his seven year old daughter, was particularly interested in me and spoke…Read more »

Pinning, Peace Corps and My Ticket Out

From Chapter, My Ticket Out, just as I’m boarding the plane to Africa. “I wore my handmade navy-blue polyester bell-bottom jumper with daisy rickrack on the hem. To straighten my wavy hair, I slept with my orange juice can rollers all night and teased it the following morning to create the perfect flip. Eyeliner and…Read more »

Peace Corps Worldwide Book Review

Peace Corps Worldwide is a publisher and provider of writing services for Peace Corps volunteer authors. They have written a nice review of my memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos. Please click on review and it will direct you to the write up. This link reaches thousands of return Peace Corps volunteers both at home…Read more »


Many of us had pets during our childhood. But how many had a pet pig? Don’t laugh, pigs are extremely intelligent. Have you seen the movie Babe? My nursing aspirations began with this little pet pig. I can’t forget that sweet face and disposition. Here is an excerpt from In Search of Pink Flamingos, Part…Read more »

Book Launch Success

After a few technical hiccups, Village Books sponsored my Covid-delayed launch on June 28th. Friends and family from across the land attended, 73 to be exact. People from all facets of my life were present including grade school, high school, Peace Corps, nursing, family, and Bellingham friends. A slideshow, excerpts, and Q&A rounded out the…Read more »

Virtual Book Launch – Sign Up

Sunday, 06/28/2020 – 4:00pm PST Village Books in Bellingham, WA is pleased to include Susan E. Greisen as part of our Virtual Lit Live Event series! Event will be live nationwide in your timezone. In Search of Pink Flamingos is a story of a young woman who defies her parents’ demands to become a farmer’s…Read more »