Clan Chiefs and the Midwife

(New photo to behind the scenes of In Search of Pink Flamingos) In Chapter, Indigenous Midwives (Part III) I explore how the head midwife, Bendu, wanted the midwives to begin charging families $1.00 for delivering their babies. I had just completed a midwifery course with eleven other midwives and supplied them with a starter delivery…Read more »


If I ever wanted to be mentioned in another author’s book under a specific chapter, I would want it to be entitled “Truth.” My developmental editor, Laura Kalpakian, author of nearly 20 books with numerous awards, mentioned me and In Search of Pink Flamingos as an example in her chapter called Truth. Her newest book,…Read more »

Old Boyfriend Resurfaces

Oh yes, the young and restless – I was 19 and Steve, 24. We met in the Virgin Islands at the Peace Corps training in 1971. I was heading to Liberia and he was on his way to Niger. A brief encounter…well because, I was spoken for – pearled to my high school sweetheart. But…Read more »

Best Peace Corps Memoir – 2020 BOOK AWARD

Friday, August 13th was my lucky day. I was camping on the Olympic Peninsula when I drove to access cell phone reception to check the ferry schedule. My first email was a “Hurray!” from one of my sage counsels. Here is what I read: Peace Corps Worldwide has selected In Search of Pink Flamingos as…Read more »

Fulani Woman, Liberian Woman

I am an occasional poet. Unexpectedly, stanzas flow from my brain, to my hand, to the keyboard. I took a poetry class recently that helped me create these two pieces that I want to share with you. Both reflect stories written in my memoir. The first poem of Fulani Woman helped to write the second…Read more »

The Priceless Goatskin Handbag

Why is the value of an object not fully appreciated until its gone? When I returned from my three years in the Peace Corps, I had many artifacts and memorabilia. But with retirement and downsizing in my future, I began to unload some of my treasures that I had kept for almost 50 years. One…Read more »

From Dream to Reality

It’s one thing for your friends, family, and colleagues to like your book. But it is another when the critics/experts select it for an award. I didn’t actually understand what I was applying for in April of 2020, just a few days after my book was published. I thought it was a local reviewing Award…Read more »

Anapholes Mosquito

Malaria, the Killer

News Release 23-Apr-2021 / University of Oxford Malaria vaccine becomes first to achieve WHO-specified 75% efficacy goal Researchers from the University of Oxford and their partners have today reported findings from a Phase IIb trial of a candidate malaria vaccine, R21/Matrix-M, which demonstrated high-level efficacy of 77% over 12-months of follow-up. When I arrived in…Read more »

Icing on the Cake

April is my month; my birth month. It is always special to me. But this one was extra special. I not only celebrated the big seven zero with a some fanfare, but also was the guest author at another Zoom book club (more about that in my next blog). In addition, this was the month…Read more »

How Will I Know?

My essay, How Will I Know?, was accepted in the Whatcom Reads Anthology of stories and poetry entitled Reconciliation. It was published this week. I will be reading a 3 minute excerpt of the essay on 2/21/21 at my local bookstore, Village Books. This was rewritten from the chapter entitled “Reconciliation” in my memoir, In…Read more »

Zoom Book Club – A Success!

My one-room school teacher, Velma read my book, told her PEO book club members about it, and then procured 12 of my books for her club. On February 10th, 2021 I was invited as the guest author. Kally, Janie and Velma led a robust discussion and Q&A with several of their members living in Arizona.…Read more »

Ruffles and a Little Red Purse

“…the purity and vulnerability of this incredibly earnest child…” is a quote from Christopher Davenport, author of The Tin Can Crucible. His description of little Susan in her memoir is telling. Yet, this was only the beginning. Susan recently discovered this 1954 photo on a View Master slide in a box of old pictures. Here…Read more »

SFSU Magazine

My alma mater, San Francisco State University, just published their Fall/Winter 2020 Magazine and I’m now in the who’s who listing for those who graduated in the ’70s. SFSU gave me the best nursing education and I am proud to be one of its alumna.

Timbuktu, a Place Lost in Time

Forty-seven years ago almost to the day, just before New Years, I was traveling West Africa on vacation from my Peace Corps assignment in Liberia. The iconic Timbuktu was one imperative stop on my route. Following are excerpts from my book of this journey and proof this place really exists. Part VI: Chapter; Planes, Trains,…Read more »

Opposite Ends of the Globe

A Foreign Service Officer stationed at the American Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia (Central Asia) wrote me for a request. I paused in amazement wondering why I was contacted by this stranger from the State Department. How did he find me? In his quest for authors to endorse his upcoming memoir, Christopher came across my book,…Read more »


So what was I thinking? I felt invincible at age 20 until I was strong- armed by two soldiers each sporting an AK-47. I entered Niger, a country on the edge of the Sahara Desert, without a visa where I didn’t speak the language. So what’s the big deal? This never mattered to me back…Read more »

I Refuse

I refuse to let the cloud of Covid -19 and the pandemic get me down. Some days it wins, but mostly I rise above it. I actually have much to be thankful for regarding my memoir. Here is one acknowledgment I can add to my resume. My publisher, (now Sidekick Press) has nominated my memoir,…Read more »

Recent Publication

The occasional poet that I am proved fruitful for me. Two of my poems about Covid-19 have been published in the Anthology noted below. I and some of my colleagues will be doing virtual readings on November 20, 6PM PST. Here are the details from the publisher: This Uncommon Solitude by Lisa | Oct 17,…Read more »

Mom’s Birthday

September 30th is my mom’s birthday. She would have been 97. Even though she has been gone over 6 years, her final few months are in etched my mind. Her declining cognitive state was accelerated with a fractured hip and she was ultimately placed in the hospice program. When and how does forgiveness happen or…Read more »

Judged and Misunderstood

When bad things happen to young people, it’s often hard for them to shake that memory. Being judged and misunderstood was the cross I needed to bear from a very young age, even until today. I was certain I had reprogrammed those old tapes or that my calloused skin would shed judgmental comments or thoughts. But…Read more »

A Book that Keeps Giving

Those pink birds just keep coming. There seems to be no end….. My books keep selling, five months into Covid-19. I delivered most by hand in the first weeks, many by mail. Village Books and internet sales are continuing. But during one home delivery, Nancy S. gave me a head ornament of two pink-felted birds.…Read more »

Unfettered Love – Part II

What is it about Africa that causes its visitors or temporary residents to fall so deeply in love with this continent? I hear it over and over again. The words of love echo from the first Peace Corps volunteers who landed in Liberia in 1962 to the newly returned volunteers in 2020 (post-civil war, post…Read more »

Unfettered Love – Part I

On August 3rd 2020, one of Sami’s sons, Osama, contacted me by Facebook. In a short time we agreed to make a video call. (On previous video chats I had already met Samer and Susan (my namesake), two of Sami’s five children). Leen, his seven year old daughter, was particularly interested in me and spoke…Read more »

Pinning, Peace Corps and My Ticket Out

I recently reunited by phone with Mrs. H., one of my Practical Nursing instructors. Now in her 90s and sharp as a tack, her speech was a bit slurred from a head injury she had sustained in an earlier fall. Nonetheless, she remembered me and all the details including that I had been elected president…Read more »

Peace Corps Worldwide Book Review

Peace Corps Worldwide is a publisher and provider of writing services for Peace Corps volunteer authors. They have written a nice review of my memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos. Please click on review and it will direct you to the write up. This link reaches thousands of return Peace Corps volunteers both at home…Read more »


Many of us had pets during our childhood. But how many had a pet pig? Don’t laugh, pigs are extremely intelligent. Have you seen the movie Babe? My nursing aspirations began with this little pet pig. I can’t forget that sweet face and disposition. Here is an excerpt from In Search of Pink Flamingos, Part…Read more »

Book Launch Success

After a few technical hiccups, Village Books sponsored my Covid-delayed launch on June 28th. Friends and family from across the land attended, 73 to be exact. People from all facets of my life were present including grade school, high school, Peace Corps, nursing, family, and Bellingham friends. A slideshow, excerpts, and Q&A rounded out the…Read more »

Virtual Book Launch – Sign Up

Sunday, 06/28/2020 – 4:00pm PST Village Books in Bellingham, WA is pleased to include Susan E. Greisen as part of our Virtual Lit Live Event series! Event will be live nationwide in your timezone. In Search of Pink Flamingos is a story of a young woman who defies her parents’ demands to become a farmer’s…Read more »

Outdoor Book Club

On June 1st, Susan Cushing organized her monthly book club, hosted by Ginny Davidson. I attended as guest author of In Search of Pink Flamingos. We practiced social distancing outdoors (masks as needed) on Ginny’s gorgeous deck surrounded by towering firs and cedars with birds abound. I could have been in Africa. The sun drenched…Read more »

The Beatles and Mrs. Bartley

My Nebraska friends and family responded with vigor to the one-room school house blog, so I decided to do one more. The demise of our school, District 20, in the 90s saddened many of us in our local farming community. Life was changing and good farmland was more valuable then an abandoned school building, and…Read more »

One-room School House

By all rights, I should be 90 years old. Except for those living in the heartland, not many of us who have aged into our 60s have attended a one-room school house. My memoir In Search of Pink Flamingos tells of my experience in such a school in a remote part of Nebraska. For those…Read more »

Country and Catholic to the Core

My mom was a high fashion transplant from Florida. Dad brought her from the warm tropical breezes of Tampa to a remote farm in Nebraska after they married. Mom proudly dressed up my brother (6) and me (2) every Sunday for church. Here we are on Easter sporting our finest. Catholicism was in my blood.…Read more »

“Make Something Out of Nothing.”

My dad was a master when I often watched him “make something out of nothing.” I learned many skills being raised on a rural farm in Nebraska, mastered other competencies as a nurse, and honed them together while working in Liberia. So when 150 copies of my memoir arrived at the same time as Covid-19,…Read more »

So Pleased!

My soft-launch has begun. With my book events cancelled, Village Books closed and Amazon not fully operational due to Covid-19, I took the route of selling my memoir on my own. The response has been incredible. I have sold 70 books so far by sanitary hand delivery or mail. Several have bought 4 books each…Read more »

New Flamingos Arrived

Suddenly there was a flurry of beaks pecking on my door. When I opened it these beautiful pink birds flew away. But low and behold they left six boxes. Inside were 150 books of In Search of the Pink Flamingos – five weeks early. This memoir is my baby that incubated for seven years. Finally…Read more »

Flamingos are Gathering

I look around me and they seem to be everywhere. Flying above my sink, posing on the mantle, lying on the kitchen counter, setting on the table, and lounging in my arm chair. Flamingos. I welcome their presence as well as the image they represent. It has been over sixty years since I first saw…Read more »

Save the Date!

My memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos: A Woman’s Quest for Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, will be launched into literary orbit on May 9th, 2020 at 4 p.m Fairhaven Village Books in the Reading Gallery, 1200 11th St, Bellingham, WA. You are invited to attend. My presentation with slides, stories, and excerpts should prove to…Read more »

Susan is Found!

On February 23, at Village Books, Lynden, I read an excerpt of an essay that was published in the Whatcom READS anthology. I told my true story of recently rediscovering three letters from a special friend I knew 45 years earlier when we worked in Africa. After writing to the address on my envelope, I…Read more »

My Namesake

In my upcoming memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos; A Woman’s Quest for Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, I dedicated two chapters to Sami, the Lebanese merchant who lived in my small Liberian village.

Publishing Celebration

I had just signed my publishing contract with Penchant Press in Blaine, WA and wanted to celebrate and thank a portion of my local cheer leading squad. Neighbors and friends, who have supported my book writing endeavors over the years, gathered in my home for food and libations. I practiced my talk and slide show…Read more »


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