Outdoor Book Club

On June 1st, Susan Cushing organized her monthly book club, hosted by Ginny Davidson. I attended as guest author of In Search of Pink Flamingos. We practiced social distancing outdoors (masks as needed) on Ginny’s gorgeous deck surrounded by towering firs and cedars with birds abound. I could have been in Africa. The sun drenched…Read more »

The Beatles and Mrs. Bartley

My Nebraska friends and family responded with vigor to the one-room school house blog, so I decided to do one more. The demise of our school, District 20, in the 90s saddened many of us in our local farming community. Life was changing and good farmland was more valuable then an abandoned school building, and…Read more »

One-room School House

By all rights, I should be 90 years old. Except for those living in the heartland, not many of us who have aged into our 60s have attended a one-room school house. My memoir In Search of Pink Flamingos tells of my experience in such a school in a remote part of Nebraska. For those…Read more »

Country and Catholic to the Core

My mom was a high fashion transplant from Florida. Dad brought her from the warm tropical breezes of Tampa to a remote farm in Nebraska after they married. Mom proudly dressed up my brother (6) and me (2) every Sunday for church. Here we are on Easter sporting our finest. Catholicism was in my blood.…Read more »

So Pleased!

My soft-launch has begun. With my book events cancelled, Village Books closed and Amazon not fully operational due to Covid-19, I took the route of selling my memoir on my own. The response has been incredible. I have sold 70 books so far by sanitary hand delivery or mail. Several have bought 4 books each…Read more »

New Flamingos Arrived

Suddenly there was a flurry of beaks pecking on my door. When I opened it these beautiful pink birds flew away. But low and behold they left six boxes. Inside were 150 books of In Search of the Pink Flamingos – five weeks early. This memoir is my baby that incubated for seven years. Finally…Read more »

Flamingos are Gathering

I look around me and they seem to be everywhere. Flying above my sink, posing on the mantle, lying on the kitchen counter, setting on the table, and lounging in my arm chair. Flamingos. I welcome their presence as well as the image they represent. It has been over sixty years since I first saw…Read more »

Save the Date!

My memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos: A Woman’s Quest for Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, will be launched into literary orbit on May 9th, 2020 at 4 p.m Fairhaven Village Books in the Reading Gallery, 1200 11th St, Bellingham, WA. You are invited to attend. My presentation with slides, stories, and excerpts should prove to…Read more »

Susan is Found!

On February 23, at Village Books, Lynden, I read an excerpt of an essay that was published in the Whatcom READS anthology. I told my true story of recently rediscovering three letters from a special friend I knew 45 years earlier when we worked in Africa. After writing to the address on my envelope, I…Read more »