How Will I Know?

My essay, How Will I Know?, was accepted in the Whatcom Reads Anthology of stories and poetry entitled Reconciliation. It was published this week. I will be reading a 3 minute excerpt of the essay on 2/21/21 at my local bookstore, Village Books.

This was rewritten from the chapter entitled “Reconciliation” in my memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos. This anthology helped me to dig even deeper into the meaning of reconciliation and therefore this excerpt below is a new memory of that precious moment with my mom.

Below is a sample.

When and how does forgiveness happen or reconciliation for that matter? If I could achieve it, how will I know when it has been reached?…

…As she blinked, I looked into her eyes. I saw straight through to her soul. She was a mirror of myself. Akin to knowing when you’re falling in love: it is a feeling, a surrender, an epiphany…the moment when the inner souls of two people meet. Our souls joined that day. I felt true and unconditional forgiveness of all that had happened between us. In her semi-conscious state, I believed she sensed it too. At that moment there was an awareness of peace and reconciliation between two needy individuals. It was then I knew.

Mom passed away peacefully and silently in July 2014.

Learn more about the book or purchase it by clicking on this link.

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