Zoom Book Club – A Success!

My one-room school teacher, Velma read my book, told her PEO book club members about it, and then procured 12 of my books for her club. On February 10th, 2021 I was invited as the guest author. Kally, Janie and Velma led a robust discussion and Q&A with several of their members living in Arizona. In the screen shot, Velma, now 86, is in the upper left corner and Susan is on the bottom left. Over two hours later, we didn’t want the session to end. Farm life, Catholic upbringing, Liberia, travel, and personal growth were discussed. We also referenced, Karen, my grade school, high school friend (see the Sept. 14th blog with photos about that story). Susan shared her slideshow of her personal journey as well as treasured photos of her and Velma back in the ’50s. You can view those photos in Susan’s May 12th blog entitled “One-room School House and “The Beatles and Mrs. Bartley (AKA Velma Ditter)” on May 26th. These are stories of how one elementary school teacher had such a profound impact on a small child’s life. What a treasure to reconnect with Velma again. Through this fabulous event, Susan has now developed new friendships with this marvelous group of women. Thank you so much!!

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4 thoughts on “Zoom Book Club – A Success!

  1. Thank you, Susan, for a delightful afternoon with you. Your pictures made the book come alive even more. You brought back so many memories of growing up in a small rural community in ND. Especially remembering how I thought eating spinach would help me in fights with my brother.
    Blessings to you,
    Lorna Marifjeren


    1. Hello Lorna, I will always remember you as my Popeye counterpart. You are the only one my readers who connected with that image. Thank you for that it was certainly powerful to me. Susan


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