Ruffles and a Little Red Purse

“…the purity and vulnerability of this incredibly earnest child…” is a quote from Christopher Davenport, author of The Tin Can Crucible. His description of little Susan in her memoir is telling. Yet, this was only the beginning.

Susan recently discovered this 1954 photo on a View Master slide in a box of old pictures. Here she stood proud one Sunday morning with puffed sleeves, ruffles, and a little red purse. Her curled blonde hair, topped with a yellow bow, made her feel special. At three years of age, the purity and vulnerability of this earnest innocent child is evident.

Sixteen years later, how did this little girl from a remote farm in Nebraska end up in a small village in West Africa? In that short amount of time Susan developed a true farm grit and determination to defy her parents and joined the Peace Corps? Follow her journey to Africa and beyond in her memoir, In Search of Pink flamingos.

4 thoughts on “Ruffles and a Little Red Purse

  1. super cute, yet the countenance around that innocent smile hints at something serious and substantial to blossom in the woman to be. old pictures are such a treasure!


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