“Make Something Out of Nothing.”

My dad was a master when I often watched him “make something out of nothing.” I learned many skills being raised on a rural farm in Nebraska, mastered other competencies as a nurse, and honed them together while working in Liberia.

So when 150 copies of my memoir arrived at the same time as Covid-19, the books had nowhere to go. All my planned events were cancelled. So I put dad’s theory to work. I made something out of nothing. After a month’s delay, Amazon and Village Books were finally able to sell my book online. But with time on my hands and six boxes of books in the house, I contacted my base. They reached out to others and before I knew it, I sold 100 books. My reviews have all been what I had hoped for and more. But the wonderful feedback from individuals who didn’t know me, who had nothing to lose, impressed me greatly. Yes, my surrogate daughter Kat does have something to be happy about. All that praise has carried me through this tough time which could have been a big black hole.

The momentum has grown. I have two video book club chats coming up in the future. Two more club events in Bellingham, promoting local authors, are on the horizon.

There is another audience I hadn’t anticipated — teens who have lost their way. They have dropped out of school and believe they don’t belong. A counselor of these kids in southern California has shown interest in my book to help them find themselves, just as I had to do.

“Release it to the world” was the gift my brother gave to me after reading my draft manuscript. He gave me the permission I needed to share my story. So with his message I discovered the true gift of writing – to release it to the world, to see where it lands, and to help others.

My future blogs will have images and photos that connect to excerpts in my memoir and will take you deeper into my experience. Feel free to share my blog/website with others.

If any of you can’t wait for Village Books to open to buy your autographed copy, feel free to contact me on my website and I will make it happen.

Happy reading.

7 thoughts on ““Make Something Out of Nothing.”

  1. I am halfway through the book and really enjoying it! I want to buy 2 more copies so I can share it with friends.


  2. I loved reading every word of your book Susan! I learned so much more about you & your very impressive adventures! I didn’t want your beautiful words to end & cried happy tears twice with your parental farewells! Thank- you so much for your informative, exciting & excellent writing Susan ✍️


    1. Hello Sharon, your words are so meaningful to me and so appreciated. The seven long years of summarizing my story has giving me so many rewards by the wonderful things I’ve heard from my readers. Thank you so very much. Love you, Susan


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