Country and Catholic to the Core

My mom was a high fashion transplant from Florida. Dad brought her from the warm tropical breezes of Tampa to a remote farm in Nebraska after they married. Mom proudly dressed up my brother (6) and me (2) every Sunday for church. Here we are on Easter sporting our finest. Catholicism was in my blood. So much that at age nine I wanted to become a nun. When I turned eleven that all changed.

Here is an excerpt from my memoir In Search of Pink Flamingos from the chapter entitled “Birds and the Bees”:

Tall, thin, blond, blue-eyed, and athletic, he wound up his arm to throw the pitch from the mound, and I temporarily lost my bearings. An unfamiliar tingling rushed down from my head to my feet as I laid eyes upon the most incredible fourteen-year-old boy named Shane. I wanted to marry him… eventually. In the summer of my eleventh year, my desire to become a nun waned, and my focus on baby Jesus and God diminished, while my interest in boys increased. I abandoned my convent dream when I realized getting married and having children were more in my future.

A question for my readers: How did religion impact you in your early years? I would love to hear from you.

NOTE: Amazon, Village Books, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers are now carrying my book. Amazon and Goodreads hosts my author page and I welcome your book review on either or both sites. Thank you.

I have autographed books to sell in my local area or can mail a copy to those living out of area/state. Reading is a great pastime for us sheltered-in-place. Feel free to contact me on my website. Stay safe and healthy.

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