So Pleased!

My soft-launch has begun. With my book events cancelled, Village Books closed and Amazon not fully operational due to Covid-19, I took the route of selling my memoir on my own. The response has been incredible. I have sold 70 books so far by sanitary hand delivery or mail. Several have bought 4 books each to give as gifts. Some have been so kind to keep me abreast of their their reactions while reading it. As an extrovert, this is something I badly need while I shelter-in-place. Some of the positive feedback has reduced me to tears.

Here are just a few of the short comments I collected: fantastic, lovely, amazing, unbelievable, simple elegance, relevant, and moving.

Today, one woman who hardly knows me wrote this: “You made a difference. You have fought the darkness of prejudice and superstition and brought light where it was needed. …a book that will become a beacon of hope to many who have greatly suffered the tribal parochialism of their parents. You can look back over all your humanitarian achievements with great satisfaction and say ‘I lived my dreams and improved the lives of my fellow man.'”

I often wondered if my words and experiences were just for my family or fellow Peace Corps volunteers. I can now put that notion to rest knowing my seven years of toil were not just for a few, but for many.

As I continue my memoir blogs I will add photos and images not included in my website that will give the reader a deeper understanding of my journey.

Thank you to my readers.

If you don’t want to wait for your bookstore to open or Amazon’s ability to mail my book, I’d be glad to deliver or mail you a copy. Just contact me on my website. If you know of others interested in my memoir feel free to share my blog.

Stay safe and healthy.

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