Suddenly there was a flurry of beaks pecking on my door. When I opened it these beautiful pink birds flew away. But low and behold they left six boxes.

Inside were 150 books of In Search of the Pink Flamingos – five weeks early. This memoir is my baby that incubated for seven years. Finally here, alive and well.

It is unknown at this point if my launch event will be held on May 9th at Village Books in Bellingham due to Covid-19. Several other events that I had planned in March and April and even one in July have been cancelled or postponed. I am strategizing how the book roll out will occur. In the meantime I’m calling my retooled efforts a “Soft Launch.” I am selling and delivering my books in the local area of Bellingham. If you are interested in securing a book now to read during our shelter-in-place mode, I’d be glad to deliver a signed, sanitized one to you. Just message me on my website and I will make it happen. They are $15.95.
Stay healthy and sane as we cope with our global pandemic. My book could help you escape, at least temporarily, and take you on a virtual journey through Nebraska to Africa and back.

Check my website at the top of this link and click on BOOK for photos and more details about my memoir.

4 thoughts on “New Flamingos Arrived

  1. Sharon, I will be setting up a buy now next week on how to purchase my book online. At this point I’m delivering just in Bellingham. I will keep you posted. Thank you


  2. Congratulations, Susan! I am so proud of you for achieving your goal through determination, soul-searching, and a great deal of reflection on your family of origin. Your life has truly been one of hard work and pure courage. My prayer for you now is that God will always bless you with his great love and give you the peace you so richly deserve.


  3. Thanks Velma, You were and are such an inspiration to me. You are in my book in two places, but I changed your name as I did with some of the others in the book to protect their privacy. Otherwise people could be hunting you down for an autograph!!! You are that special.
    Love, Susan


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