An epilogue is a writing at the end of a piece of literature, usually used to bring closure to the work.

When I published my memoir, entitled In Search of Pink Flamingos, the epilogue reflected upon my Peace Corps experience and gathered historical information about Liberia that told a narrative summary of what happened there after I left. Yes, my memoir dedicated a large portion of the book to my time in Liberia, but when I became the chief editor of Never the Same Again: Life Service and Friendship in Liberia that was published in June, 2022, I realized how little I knew living in my remote part of the country over my short two-year assignment. Friends of Liberia (FOL) sponsored this anthology of 63 short stories and poems spanning a 60-year period of time that tells a compelling account of Liberian history. Fifty authors, including former Peace Corps volunteers, medical-relief workers. Liberians, missionaries and children of contract workers, share their first-hand experiences from a rich variety of perspectives.

From this unprecedented collection, I learned of the rest of the story about Liberia. I gained a new depth of knowledge from those who served during peace and post war times. Many of us hold a vast love for the Liberian people and a dedication to our mission. We left footprints – a human connection that has endured the test of time. I read of successes beyond our assigned roles. A common acceptance between Liberians and Americans, from their unique cultures working together, was found throughout the country. Through the vivid stories I saw the devastation of the country and her people during the wars, post-war and epidemics. As a reader I felt the heart-wrenching loss of life during those tragic times. The efforts of those who had worked in Liberia and how they returned, some several times, to find their Liberian loved ones was beyond my comprehension. There are moving stories of Liberians who fled to the U.S. under refugee status and were sponsored by some of our authors. The stories of Liberians rebuilding their lives with so very little are beyond remarkable.

My memoir epilogue only skimmed the surface of what happened to Liberia and her people. The stories and poems in Never the Same Again show in vivid detail the first-hand experiences that have left me forever changed about the meaning of “love of country and the people of Liberia” and the power of “resilience.”

You can purchase Never the Same Again by clicking this link. All proceeds from this new anthology will benefit humanitarian programs in Liberia sponsored by FOL. Be sure to click on the sub-tab called Author readings and interviews to give you a video glimpse of what is inside this remarkable book.

My memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos, tells of my personal journey, much of it depicting my life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia in the early 70s and can be purchased by clicking on this link.

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