After publishing my award-winning memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos in 2020, FOL (Friends of Liberia) asked me to become the chief editor of their anthology project. Never the Same Again was released in June 2022 and is an incredible historical non-fiction book of its time depicting Liberian life with a collection of stories, poems, history, and photographs spanning 6 decades. I am one of the 50 contributing authors sharing an essay and a poem about my experiences in that incredible country.

The Foreword was written by former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and several notable individuals wrote glowing endorsements in the book.

Book Summary
Never the Same Again is a collection of sixty-three true stories and poems that will take you on a storytelling journey about life, service, and friendship in Liberia. This anthology of enduring hope spans sixty years. Written by those who lived and worked in Liberia, this book shares heartfelt accounts of adversity and acceptance, illness and healing, and escape from war and improbable reunion. Glimpse into everyday life in the village, classroom, and clinic where relationships were formed and lost, and many were found again.  Once you read this book you will feel as its authors do…never the same again.

Sponsored by the Friends of Liberia (FOL) celebrating Peace Corps’ 60th Anniversary in Liberia.
All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit humanitarian programs in Liberia.

To purchase our book click on this link, BUY NOW. You may also purchase the book or an eBook anywhere fine books are sold. Also go to to learn more about our organization or become a member.

4 thoughts on “Never the Same Again

    1. Bill, thanks so much. I think you will find this book very intriguing outlining some historical memories that few of us knew. These stories/poems of 1000 words or less are remarkable accounts of a 60 year timeline in Liberia. Enjoy and will enjoy your feedback.


  1. Gene and I got our book yesterday and we are laughing and crying as we remember our time in Liberia. Reading the writings of old friends makes it even more special. Congrats to the entire team that made this book possible!!!!!

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    1. Hello Pattyi and Gene, yes I would say it’s at least one or two Kleenex box book. I have read all of the stories at least 10 times and some as many as twenty as I did the editing on many pieces. There are still some I cannot hold back the tears. I learned so much about Liberia that I didn’t know as I was isolated in my Village for a two-year period in the early 70s, pre-civil War. The pieces about the war and post-war are beyond my comprehension. I feel I have a better grasp of how tenacious and resilient the Liberian people are. At their core, the goal is to live another day no matter what the odds. We have something to learn them.


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