Susan is Found!

On February 23, at Village Books, Lynden, I read an excerpt of an essay that was published in the Whatcom READS anthology. I told my true story of recently rediscovering three letters from a special friend I knew 45 years earlier when we worked in Africa. After writing to the address on my envelope, I miraculously located Sami’s family and his wife in Lebanon just a few months ago. I discovered he had passed away 21 years earlier. He left a legacy of five wonderful children. All have Arabic names except the his first born child, a girl. They named her Susan and they call her Susie the endearing name he called me in Liberia. Sami’s son, calls me “family” and has invited me to visit. I have my plane ticket for a trip to Ain Enoub, Lebanon in September 2020. I am honored and blessed to have discovered my new family.

45 years ago, in a country far from my home, a baby girl was named Susan. There are reasons for keeping some old treasured items. Sami’s letters are back in their safe place. They remain priceless.

13 thoughts on “Susan is Found!

  1. How delightful! I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your reading, Susan. I look forward to reading your story when I pick up my copy of Discovery. Cheers!


    1. KP, you will always be special in my heart as you were there the moment Sami”s son contacted me via email when we summited Yellow Aster Butte. Thank you for sharing that excitement with me. Susan


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