In my upcoming memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos; A Woman’s Quest for Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, I dedicated two chapters to Sami, the Lebanese merchant who lived in my small Liberian village. In October 2019, Village Books sponsored a writing contest using the theme “Discovery.” I submitted an essay entitled My Namesake, a heart-warming story of a man who became much more than a friend. My essay was one of those chosen to be published in the Whatcom Writes anthology. I will be reading an excerpt written about Sami and what I discovered about him forty-five years later. The event will be at Village Books, 430 Front Street, Lynden, WA. on Sunday, February 23rd at 2PM. Come if you can. Here is Sami when I knew him in Liberian in1972 and some years later in Lebanon.

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