The Passing

Those of you who have read my memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos, may recall Clara as my house girl in Zorgowee, Liberia. Her real name is Sarah. (I have permission to use her name.) Sarah was older than I thought when I was in Liberia. Though she hadn’t finished grade school, she was about…Read more »

Washington DC Book Launch, 7/24/22 at Busboys and Poets for Never the Same Again: Life Service and Friendship in Liberia

It was all we had hoped for. We packed Busboys and Poets in Washington DC, our launch venue, to capacity with an eager audience of 85. John Coyne from Peace Corps Worldwide sent a roving reporter, Steve Kaffen (RPCV Russia – 1994-96), to document the event. Please click HERE to view his wonderful write-up. Many…Read more »

Going Back

The Covid epidemic put a damper on many of the class reunions over the past two years. This June I returned to Nebraska for a special gathering of my rural one-room grade school students. I write about this iconic school in my memoir. In Search of Pink Flamingos. However it was demolished due to school…Read more »