Rebekah Schulz reads an excerpt of her story about the deep bond she formed with a Liberian woman who taught her a valuable lesson during her sewing classes. The fragility of life in Liberia culminated with an ending that Rebekah will never forget. Read the full story and 62 others from 50 authors in our anthology, Never the Same Again: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia.

Friends of Liberia (FOL) sponsored this book and all proceeds will benefit humanitarian programs in Liberia. To learn more about the anthology, click on this LINK. You may purchase our publication by either clicking on the button below, ordering on Amazon (US and our international readers) or ask for it where ever fine books are sold. Please make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life.

Your applause and comments below will let us know how our efforts have impacted you. The remaining videos will be posted in the next days/weeks.

Credit goes to Dontae McFadden, Eddie Soccer and our authors for the making of these videos.

2 thoughts on ““Ripping Out the Seams”

  1. Such a beautiful story. Brings to mind how the simplicity of everyday life in Liberia can be torn apart by tragedy, whether the awful civil war or a voracious disease. Thanks so much for sharing this intimate look at your experience there and the joy and sorrow it provided to you.

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    1. Hello Mark, Yes, Rebekah’s poignant story brings Liberian life right to your heart and soul. The people were so incredibly resiliant, yet so fragile, all in one breath. It is a hard story to convey, but Rebekah did a marvelous job. All of our authors in the anthology give us all just a glimpse of the life and people of Liberia. Thank you for reading.


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