Three days of celebration honored Peace Corps entry into Liberia in 1962. My last blog focused on the Book Launch of our Anthology, Never the Same Again. Enjoy a selection of photos of FOL members during happy hour 7/22/22 at the Deco Bar in Washington DC. Many of us met for the first time after working together for two years on the Anthology project. Coppelia Hays won the award for traveling the farthest from Hamburg Germany to join in the festivities. She is middle of the second photo.

Having fun in the sun and heat at the Liberian Embassy open house celebrating Liberia’s Independence Day in Washington DC, July 23, 2022.

Sarah Morrison, our fearless FOL 60th Anniversary leader and former FOL president presented our Anthology, Never the Same Again, to the Liberian Ambassador to the US, the honorable George S.W. Patten, Sr. Sarah then carried one of the county flags during the processional. Susan Greisen, the chief editor, got a treasured portrait with the Liberian Ambassador. During his speech to the audience, the Ambassador told us one of his teachers in Liberia was a PC volunteer. Jim Gray approached the Ambassador afterward in an attempt to reconnect him with that volunteer.

The county flag processional with a YouTube video below. Click on the red arrow to view and listen to the Liberian beat!!

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