A Book that Keeps Giving

Those pink birds just keep coming. There seems to be no end…..

My books keep selling, five months into Covid-19. I delivered most by hand in the first weeks, many by mail. Village Books and internet sales are continuing. But during one home delivery, Nancy S. gave me a head ornament of two pink-felted birds. How appropriate. Last week I received these glasses from my sister-in-law, Joan. OMG. But later that week I opened an envelope that left me in tears. Patti H. made me a custom Covid mask with pink flamingos on one side and images of loving healthcare workers on the other. I experienced a rare moment of speechlessness. Adding these to my other gifts of a stuffed pink flamingo and a set of flamingo wine glasses, all have become like lucky pennies that one finds on the street; people seem to be discovering these pink birds everywhere. They are certainly a metaphor in my book and hopefully you will find that too.

But then there were other gifts. Peace Corps friends found me after we lost touch over forty-five years ago. Through word-of-mouth, a new batch of colleagues and readers has emerged. Reconnecting has been very special. Our volunteer work and its meaning has not been forgotten, and I feel the surge of energy and urgency to save the Peace Corps for the future. More about that in an upcoming blog.

Ironically those birds were following me long before my publish date. Here I discovered a bachelorette party parading down the main street in Granada, Spain 2018.

Keep your eyes open for those pink birds. They are everywhere!

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Stay well and safe.

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