Book Launch Success

After a few technical hiccups, Village Books sponsored my Covid-delayed launch on June 28th. Friends and family from across the land attended, 73 to be exact. People from all facets of my life were present including grade school, high school, Peace Corps, nursing, family, and Bellingham friends. A slideshow, excerpts, and Q&A rounded out the event.

If you missed the launch and would still like to watch it, click on this link to view the recorded event. Fast forward a few minutes to miss the technical problem areas and, voila, there it is. All the viewer chat comments are available on the recording. You are still able to buy my book there or on the link on my website. (No, I didn’t have an eye issue, it was just hard to look at myself on the screen. I kept looking for the audience…)

It is surreal to see my book on the Featured Local Authors column at the front of Village Books, right next to the cash register. I thank them immensely for promoting my book and the event.

This book just keeps on giving. Three of my readers have gone on their own to various venues and asked them to carry my book: Barnes and Noble in Fort Myers, FL; the public library and an independent book store Jefferson City, MO; and Whatcom Museum Gift store in Bellingham. So many people I don’t know have written me via my website to rave about my book and what it meant to them. I am so touched with the response.

Don Drach from the Friends of Liberia Organization has asked if I would repeat an extended version my my virtual talk and slideshow to the returned Peace Corps Volunteers nationally. Maybe even a virtual book club event with the author after volunteers have read the book for a deeper Q&A and discussion. Volunteers are so enthused to speak about their experiences abroad and I look forward to hosting such an event.

Don regretted not being able to introduce me at the book launch due to the technical difficulties, but he sent me a portion of his intro that I want to include here: I’ve referred to the author as Susan 4 times, but I know her as Gowee Sue.  In fact, all of her Peace Corps friends knew her by that name, and we call her Gowee Sue to this day.  With her book she has captured – often humorously, sometimes with sadness and frustration, but always with honesty and humility – our collective Peace corps experience in Liberia.  And so much more. It’s a wonderful book, and now please join me in welcoming the equally wonderful Gowee Sue.

More blogs to follow regarding inside stories and new photos about other tales not told in the book. To be assured that you get these blogs, either sign up on the website or check the Follow box on the lower corner of the site.

As always, Gowee Sue

10 thoughts on “Book Launch Success

  1. Several people have told me that after listening to my book launch – they want to read the book again. There are definitely many nuances in each chapter. Sometimes reading it more slowly helps to take those in. Thank you Sharon for all your support. Gowee Sue


  2. Hi Gowee! Like others, I’m about to read your book the second time. The first time is was so eager to read it I went through a bit quickly, and even jumped ahead to read chapters where I knew some of the characters, then back again. This time I will ‘take time’ and savor every chapter in its rightful order. Don


  3. Hi Susie! I’m your old high school classmate! I totally loved Pink Flamingos. Being a part of your growing up life it was difficult to hear about all the struggles you had, though we never talked about it I could relate to so much of it. I couldn’t put the book down. Hoping to read more of your books, they are inspirational. Thankyou and hoping we can reconnect soon! Best of luck from one artist to another!

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    1. Hello Linda, thank you so much for your comments. I hope to write another book about my one room School House. Even though we didn’t go to the same grade school those memories will be familiar to you. Keep your artwork coming. You’re longtime friend, Susan


      1. Good morning Susan

        This is to introduce you to Nate Kim, recent RPCV/Liberia.

        Nate is interested in learning about the anthology project. I’ve read some of his work and think he’d be great.


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